Basic Introduction to Rappelling.

Prerequisite: None

Length: 8hrs

We will cover:

  • Basic Gear –¬† Harnesses, helmets, rappel devices, carabiners,etc
  • ¬†Safety Considerations – Basic safety, safety tethers, buddy checks
  • Anchor Inspection
  • Communication and Commands
  • Top belay, fireman belays
  • Friction – setting proper friction, adding friction on rappel, the impact of different rope diameters, single vs double strand rappels and more
  • Proper Rappelling Form
  • Hazards

There will be a selection descenders for you to try: Totem, Critr, Piranas and Figure eight, etc.

You must have the following gear:

Harness, helmet and gloves (contact me if you don’t have these)





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