Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness First Aid (WFA) & Adult CPR Course.

In the wilderness, the stresses and constraints on rescuers may go far beyond those of urban emergencies. Wilderness rescuers have to cope with the weather, other wilderness hazards, and the psychological impact of an emergency in strange surroundings that may go on for days and put the survival of the whole group at risk. They also need to manage with whatever equipment they have or can improvise, and to take care of themselves as well as others in a potentially harsh environment. (Meets Boy Scouts of America Wilderness First Aid Curriculum and guidelines as well as many others) This WFA/CPR course is the national standard for anyone seeking employment as an outdoor guide or volunteering as a trip leader, and is the perfect course for anyone who ventures out outdoors. The WFA is 16 hours long (two days) + 2 hours for the ASHI Adult CPR, and focuses on the basic skills of: Response and Assessment, Preventing & Caring for Injuries.

September 9-10th

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