Reading Weather & Safety

Reading Weather & Safety

learn how to make a better assessment of the current and forecast weather before heading outdoors. This is beneficial for any outdoor enthusiast.

Topics will include:

Basic understanding of meteorology and how the weather works.

Explain how the atmosphere works, define fronts, jet streams, high / low pressure, how storms develop and how weather interacts with terrain. how to interpret basic weather maps, including radar, satellite, and surface maps. Live weather sites for demonstrations. How weather forecasts are made, how to look for the signs of worsening or improving weather conditions while outdoors. Thunderstorm forecasting, lightning safety, and flash-flood forecasting. Will talk about what resources you can use to make informed decisions on weather like websites, etc. Basic info on how to read a topographic map and delineate a watershed to get an idea of the potential flash flood that can occur and more.  Handouts will be given. Presentation will be given by a Meteorologist.

May 10th 5:30pm

$30 /PP


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